Our story

"Nature has the power to heal, we just need to know how to use it"

A message from the founder

"During a period of difficulty, I resorted to herbs as a solution. The improvement that sparked was incredible. It made me realize that herbs are an essential everyday need. With the hope to educate the rest of the world on what plants can offer, I became a Certified Herbalist. My goal is to share the beauty and functionality of nature with you."

Marcus Yeo
Herbalism Practitioner
Neuro-lingusitic Programming Master Practitioner

How it all started

Terrapylab started in the summer of 2021 when a vision was born: to enrich lives through natural solutions.

The name 'Terrapylab' is a wordplay on 'Terra' (latin for Earth) and 'Therapy'. It embodies our mission of creating functional interventions for everyday wellbeing directly from earth.

Our Philosophy

Terrapylab is driven by the positive impact that extends well beyond functional tea. We are Reliable, Natural, Functional, and Sustainable at our core.

Our Milestones

We can't wait to grow with you. Stay tuned as we conquer new milestones:

1. Enhance mental and emotional well-being with the launch of Perform, Euphoria, and Zen that positively impact cognition.

2. Extend our product range
to provide accessibility to more health benefits. (coming soon)

3. Further ease of consumption through ready to drink solutions. (coming soon)