500g of Products Organic Certified Arapeguá Yerba Mate from Argentina.

Organic Certified Arapeguá Yerba Mate Tea

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Caffeine level: ●●●●●

⚡ Energy 🚫 No Jitters/Caffeine Crash

● An excellent choice for regular drinkers.
● Aged for 24 months (which allows its flavors to develop and deepen).
● Approx. 100mg Caffeine (1 cup of coffee) per 3 tablespoons.

🧉 Arapeguá's sophisticated flavor profile is herbaceous, balanced, and clean, with a subtle cacao aftertaste. Complimented by a woody aroma reminiscent of fresh firewood. Experience the difference of nature-honoring farming practices with Arapeguá Yerba Mate.

👉 What pleases one drinker may not satisfy another. With a world of flavors to explore, newcomers can experiment with various blends until they find their perfect match. Mixing different brands is a common practice among Yerba Mate enthusiasts, leading to a unique and enjoyable experience. We encourage you to embrace this fun and healthy habit and discover your perfect Yerba Mate blend.

● Certified Organic, meaning that it is free from any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or artificial ingredients ensuring a pure and natural taste experience.
● Arapeguá Yerba Mate is a star product of the revolutionary Biodynamic Agriculture. A innovative approach that brings together humans, animals, plants, and soil to create a self-sustaining agricultural system that strengthens the skills of agricultural producers and nurtures a harmonious relationship with the environment. This approach seeks to create a sustainable and productive agricultural individuality.

● Packaging materials are organic, with recycled and biodegradable paper and water-based inks, reflecting a commitment to environmental sustainability.

● Province of Misiones, Argentina.

● Aged for 24 months.
● Organic Yerba Mate undergoes a longer aging process than regular Yerba Mate, resulting in a more refined flavor and aroma profile.

Temperature: 149°F / 65°C to 158°F / 70°C

Directions: minimum 5 tablespoons per cup (highly recommended to be consumed with a mate cup and bombilla) 🧉.

Caffeine Content: Approx. 100mg Caffeine (1 cup of coffee) per 3 tablespoons. Caffeine content of Yerba Mate varies from brand to brand.

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