500g of Products Organic Certified Porongo Yerba Mate from Argentina.

Organic Certified Porongo Yerba Mate Tea

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Caffeine level: ●●●●○

⚡ Energy 🚫 No Jitters/Caffeine Crash

● An excellent choice for beginners or regular drinkers alike.
● Naturally aged for 12 months (which allows its flavors to develop and deepen).
● Approx. 100mg Caffeine (1 cup of coffee) per 3 tablespoons.

🧉 Porongo Yerba Mate offers a long-lasting and refreshing grassy flavor that is accompanied by subtle hints of cedarwood and florals working their magic in the background. It is one of the smoothest you'll ever have, without any harshness, smoke, or sharpness.

👉 What pleases one drinker may not satisfy another. With a world of flavors to explore, newcomers can experiment with various blends until they find their perfect match. Mixing different brands is a common practice among Yerba Mate enthusiasts, leading to a unique and enjoyable experience. We encourage you to embrace this fun and healthy habit and discover your perfect Yerba Mate blend.

● Certified Organic, meaning that it is free from any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or artificial ingredients ensuring a pure and natural taste experience.
● Porongo is the brainchild of Argentine publicist Carlos Bayala, who partnered with MIT, worked with NASA, and is now bringing his Organic Yerba Mate to the world.

● Packaging materials are organic, with recycled and biodegradable paper and water-based inks, reflecting a commitment to environmental sustainability.

● Province of Misiones, Argentina.

● Aged for 12 months.
● Organic Yerba Mate undergoes a longer aging process than regular Yerba Mate, resulting in a more refined flavor and aroma profile.

Temperature: 149°F / 65°C to 158°F / 70°C

Directions: minimum 5 tablespoons per cup (highly recommended to be consumed with a mate cup and bombilla) 🧉.

Caffeine Content: Approx. 100mg Caffeine (1 cup of coffee) per 3 tablespoons. Caffeine content of Yerba Mate varies from brand to brand.

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